Bed Bug Symptoms

Bed Bug Symptoms

So you think you may have bed bugs? Maybe you’re noticing little bite marks that you can’t explain, or maybe you’ve even seen one of the little creatures flitting around. People often mistake bed bugs for fleas or lice, which can delay getting the appropriate treatment. It’s important to figure out what you do have as fast as possible so you can treat the infestation effectively and get rid of these house guests once and for all.  Learn some of the most common bed bug symptoms below!

Bed Bug Symptoms

Bite Marks

Bed Bug SymptomsAre you waking up in the morning with bite marks that weren’t there when you went to sleep? This is one of the most common and first noticed bed bug symptoms. You might have some new house guests! They may be bed bugs and not some other type of visitor like fleas, lice or scabies. Bed bugs typically leave red itchy bites in straight rows, most typically on the arms, lower legs, or other areas of the body that are not covered by clothing.

You See Them

Bed Bug SymptomsBed bugs are small, flat, wingless bugs about the size of an apple seed. They’re tiny, but can be seen with the naked eye. They have 6 legs and range in color from white to brown, but are rust-colored immediately after feeding.

Where You See Them

Bed Bug SymptomsBed bugs get their name from the fact that they’re often found hiding in crevices in mattresses and other bedding, however, they can actually also hide in floors, furniture, wood and paper trash. Take a look in the seams of your mattress and also where pieces of wood join. They try to hide in gaps in the joint. Check drawers and drapes too.

When You See Them

Bed bugs are nocturnal, so feed mostly at night – and mostly immediately before dawn. If you’re awake at that time, get a flashlight and look for them in crevices in your mattress and bedding. Look carefully at the seam and areas around the buttons because they are very good at hiding. You may even see your sheets moving. If you don’t see them though, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have them, particularly if it’s a smaller infestation. Bed bugs can actually go days without feeding, so you may not actually see them on any one given day.

What They Leave Behind

Bed Bug SymptomsYou may see small spots of blood on your sheets or in the seams of your mattress. You may also see patterns of small, dark flecks in other areas like furniture or on the floor. These spots are their fecal matter, so it means that they’re hiding nearby.

Bug Samples

The only way to tell for sure if your new visitors are actually bed bugs is for a professional to actually examine the bug itself. Your doctor can’t confirm their identity from the bite marks either – you’ll actually need to produce a bug. Try laying some double-sided tape out around the sleeping area and see if you can catch one. If not, rely on your pest control specialist to identify your visitors and send them packing!

Contact American Thermal Heat!

Is your home showing any of these bed bug symptoms? Don’t worry,  we have a solution!

One thermal heat application lasting about 4 hours is enough to kill the infestation completely, including the eggs, so you won’t be right back where you started next week.  Our approach to treating bed bugs will have your home completely and entirely free of these pests in no time. The sooner you treat the bugs, the better… so get in touch!

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